Not Mardi Gras (An Appraisal and Acquisition Case Study)

date: 2016-04-15 09:54

categories: Appraisal Acquisition

Learning Objectives


You are conducting an initial review of 1TB images created by your university photographer. You don’t have time to review every image, but you examine a few folders to get a feel for the image collection. During your random review you discover two things. Some images show young women and men in odd poses in gym like attire. Some poses involve arm flexing, various position highlighting areas of the body, etc. There are many of these images. Occasionally in the series of photos, you’ll see a well known professor in the shot touching the image subject obviously adjusting their poses. This professor is well known because they authored a widely acclaimed book on autonomy.

Also during your cursory review of the images, you find a few images of a music festival. There are several years worth of these images. Many of the images are of the bands that played, wide crowd shots, etc. During the examination of one year selected at random to help determine the types of images/shots, you discover an image of a young women exposing herself to the camera.


  • Do the two unusual series of images mean a deeper appraisal of these records is need?
  • Are some records in these two series university records? Are some not?
  • If a deeper appraisal of records is needed, given the amount of records what do you do?
  • Does the subject matter effect how you approach appraisal?



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