Change One for the Gipper

Learning Objectives Students will be able to understand issues surrounding the creation of legislation. Students will be able to analyze potential ramifications for changes in statutory law to record keeping practices. Scenario Recently during the state legislative session, Representative Wayne Herty proposed an update to the states open records law. Because in his words “Other […]

I Just want to set the World On Fire with Records (A Law and Ethics Case Study)

Learning Objectives Students will be able to describe the ethical considerations given a particular situation. Students will be able to explain their course of actions and potential consequences of those actions. Scenario You’re a reference archivist at an institution that collects political paper collections. A journalist from a gossip website has asked to see portions […]

Georgia Election Server: Records Management Case Study

Learning Objectives You will describe issues related to security and preservation of records in this given case. You will explain how records management best practices failed in this given situation, and you will describe the severity of those failures. You will recommend appropriate future policies and systems to ensure that these failures will not occur. […]