No Such thing as a Free Lunch (An Outreach Case Study)

Learning Objectives Student will consider the ethical dimensions of community outreach for archives and make appropriate decisions given a specific scenario. Scenario Your archive has a well established history of giving talks to various groups in your community about the importance of archives and preserving family records. Usually the archivist who gives these talks gets […]

Beggars can’t be choosers (An Outreach Case Study)

Learning Objectives Students will plan appropriate archival outreach programing given a particular scenario. Scenario You’re a new employee at a large and well-respected archive that has many types of collections from author personal paper collections, business collections and local community organizational records. This institution has a moderately successful lecture series that it host in the […]

One of Us

Learning Objectives Students will evaluate a situation and develop a proposal for archival outreach for a fictional archival organization. Scenario You work at a smaller archives within an academic library at mid-sized regional university. The rest of the library regularly reaches out to the students of your institution, the community, and outside researchers through various […]