That’s not what you mean: Intro to Archives

Learning objectives Students will be able to indefinity materials that are records from materials that do not have the quality of a record.Students will be able to explain why some records are archival and others are not. Scenario As a new archivist at Comstock University, you have been tasked to work on a few things […]

The Cookies are a Lie: Law and Archives Case Study

Learning Objectives Students will be able to identify specific types of law that are applicable to the situation. Students will be able to make suggestions on the best legal course of action given the situation. Scenario The Horacio G. Applebottom collection is a significant and popular research collection at your archives. This collection documents local […]

Change One for the Gipper

Learning Objectives Students will be able to understand issues surrounding the creation of legislation. Students will be able to analyze potential ramifications for changes in statutory law to record keeping practices. Scenario Recently during the state legislative session, Representative Wayne Herty proposed an update to the states open records law. Because in his words ÔÇťOther […]