Beam it Up Archivist(A Law Case Study)

Learning Objectives Students will examine a situation related to copyright and make decisions on how to provide access to records given a complex copyright scenario. Scenario You’re in a bit of pickle. You’ve been tasked with “getting it all online”. This is a mandate not from your direct supervisor, but from some unknown higher up, […]

Steamrolled by requests: A Privacy Case Study

Learning Objectives Students will examine a given case and determine the privacy issues in that give case. Students will make appropriate decisions relating to privacy of donors, users, and third parties. Scenario This has been a rough week for your archives. Your director made the decision to acquire a controversial collection, namely the membership and […]

Change One for the Gipper

Learning Objectives Students will be able to understand issues surrounding the creation of legislation. Students will be able to analyze potential ramifications for changes in statutory law to record keeping practices. Scenario Recently during the state legislative session, Representative Wayne Herty proposed an update to the states open records law. Because in his words ÔÇťOther […]