That’s the Way the boxes Tumble (An Arrangement and Description Case Study)

Learning Objectives Explain how provenance and original order are useful for organizing records. Describe principles of hierarchical levels of arrangement. Define structure units: fonds, collection, record group, series, subseries, filing unit, item, “component.”” Scenario You’re a new archivist at Zeta University in the processing department. You’ve been assigned to review and arrange three new collections […]

Forest for the the Trees a records management case study

Learning Objectives Students will analyze the scenario based upon their understanding of records management principles Students will design appropriate methods for capturing and registering records from this hypothetical organization. Students will assess these systems that have been developed through discussion posts. Scenario You are the new records manager at H & M Pulp Paper company, […]

Not Mardi Gras (An Appraisal and Acquisition Case Study)

Learning Objectives Students will demonstrate an understanding of appraisal issues and make decisions given a specific scenario. Students will develop a plan for appraising these records. Scenario You are conducting an initial review of 1TB of images created by your university photographer. You don’t have time to review every picture, but you examine a few […]