One of Us

Learning Objectives Students will evaluate a situation and develop a proposal for archival outreach for a fictional archival organization. Scenario You work at a smaller archives within an academic library at mid-sized regional university. The rest of the library regularly reaches out to the students of your institution, the community, and outside researchers through various […]

Did you get that thing I sent you? (A Reference Case Study)

Learning Objectives Describe the use of social media as and access an reference tool Scenario You work at a business archives. Your company has a well known brand that has existed for nearly a century, and has a very active following of collectors who seek out your company’s branded products. You’re organizational archive is very […]

An Exhibit of Many Colors (An Outreach Case Study)

Learning Objectives Explain the role of exhibits and programs as outreach activities Scenario You’re an archivist at a small private university. Your university has ties to a religiously affiliated group, but as of five years ago no longer receives funding from that group. One of the board of trustees is appointed by this group, and […]