How do you Solve a Problem like Maria? (A Managing Archives Case Study)

Learning Objectives Students will recognize and determine issues related to managing staff of an archives. Students will plan and propose solutions to handle problematic staff members. ACA Task and Knowledge Statements Managing Archives Task 2: Assess staffing needs, recruit appropriate personnel, and train staff; support professional development; and ensure that the staff works together to […]

Out with the Old

Learning Objectives Students will apply an understanding of best practices for archival reference work to the scenario and make decisions based on their understanding of best practices. Students will develop appropriate policies for the given scenarios based on best practices for an archival organization. Scenario You work for an archival organization that has a staff […]

Super Serious University Archives Appraising Collections for acquisition

Learning Objectives Students will given a prepared collecting policy, make decisions based on this collecting policy and have the ability to explain the reasoning for making these decision. Students will offer suggestions to make to the collecting policy. consider assigning members of the class to groups depending upon class size. Students will not self select […]