Round and Round (An Appraisal and Acquisition Case Study)

Learning Objectives Students will demonstrate an understanding of appraisal issues and make decisions given a specific scenario. Scenario Approximately five minutes before you are heading out for lunch. You receive a phone call. On the phone is a well know local amateur historian, who has the “Find of the Century.” This find happens, as emailed […]

Steamrolled by requests: A Privacy Case Study

Learning Objectives Students will examine a given case and determine the privacy issues in that give case. Students will make appropriate decisions relating to privacy of donors, users, and third parties. Scenario This has been a rough week for your archives. Your director made the decision to acquire a controversial collection, namely the membership and […]

The Cookies are a Lie: Law and Archives Case Study

Learning Objectives Students will be able to identify specific types of law that are applicable to the situation. Students will be able to make suggestions on the best legal course of action given the situation. Scenario The Horacio G. Applebottom collection is a significant and popular research collection at your archives. This collection documents local […]