No Such thing as a Free Lunch (An Outreach Case Study)

Learning Objectives Student will consider the ethical dimensions of community outreach for archives and make appropriate decisions given a specific scenario. Scenario Your archive has a well established history of giving talks to various groups in your community about the importance of archives and preserving family records. Usually the archivist who gives these talks gets […]

Beggars can’t be choosers (An Outreach Case Study)

Learning Objectives Students will plan appropriate archival outreach programing given a particular scenario. Scenario You’re a new employee at a large and well-respected archive that has many types of collections from author personal paper collections, business collections and local community organizational records. This institution has a moderately successful lecture series that it host in the […]

That’s the Way the boxes Tumble (An Arrangement and Description Case Study)

Learning Objectives Explain how provenance and original order are useful for organizing records. Describe principles of hierarchical levels of arrangement. Define structure units: fonds, collection, record group, series, subseries, filing unit, item, “component.”” Scenario You’re a new archivist at Zeta University in the processing department. You’ve been assigned to review and arrange new collections that […]